NCP Coatings

I partnered with the Century Park team in early 2021 with the purpose of finding a strong performance coatings platform to acquire and build. NCP is a robust competitor in the military and industrial performance coatings markets with a unique, technology-driven product portfolio and long-standing customer base spanning multiple decades in some cases.

Doug Holmberg

CEO of NCP Coatings


Founded in 1948, NCP Coatings develops and manufactures technologically advanced performance coatings for the military, industrial, commercial, and forestry end markets. Building on the Company’s legacy as a coatings supplier to Studebaker military automobiles after World War II, the Company remains a valuable supplier to the U.S. military, as well as a trusted research and development partner to U.S. military research labs. The Company has also built an impressive product assortment that is sold into various industrial and commercial markets, as well as unique tree marking paints used by the U.S. Forestry Service.


Headquarters – Niles, MI

Industry – Chemicals

Website –