Our Focus

What We’re Excited About

We are excited about healthy, profitable, middle market companies with revenues of $20-$100 million for our initial platform investments.  We are attracted to companies that are owned by the people that operate them, and do not typically transact with other professional investor groups.  For add-on acquisitions, we have no size parameters.  We in particular like the following sectors:

Business Services

Companies that provide innovative, high-value services, often leveraging technologies and generating recurring revenue streams. By harnessing the power of advanced tools and platforms, these companies offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients, while also delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Specific verticals we have invested in within this sector have included value added resellers, cloud conversion consultancies, and smaller SaaS companies.

IP-Driven Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses that utilize a degree of intellectual property that creates a large moat, or barrier to entry, around the business.  Typically these companies are manufacturing in the US, and have a high margin profile.

Specific verticals we have invested in within this sector have included Class III medical devices, industrial chemicals and speciality frozen food, among others.

Products & Services

Companies that sell products or services to consumers that are differentiated in some way, typically by intellectual property or a brand identity.  We have also been successful in driving value creation by unlocking under-resourced or trade brands and transforming them into consumer brands.    

Specific verticals we have invested in within this sector include the auto aftermarket, e-commerce, and residential products.    We have recently been exploring the residential services space.

Investment Criteria

Since our establishment, Century Park has invested in over 70 companies with a total aggregate enterprise value of $1.6 billion. Our criteria for platform opportunities is presented below; we can be even more flexible for add-on acquisitions.

New Platform Investments

Company Revenue/EBITDA

$20-100 million / $3-15 million


United States or Canada

Typical Equity Investment

$10-40 million

Investment Type

Majority Recapitalizations and Buyouts

Company Characteristics

Historical and projected growth
Recurring revenue streams
Manageable cyclicality
Barriers to entry for competition
Diversified customer base
Identifiable competitive advantage

What's in a Name?

We are often asked about the origin of our name. Financial institutions aren’t always noted for their creativity and we are not a large exception! Century Park is the name of the park that faced our original office in Century City. However, in 2010 we relocated to the South Bay, near Manhattan Beach… but we kept the name, to the endless confusion of LA locals. Our logo is meant to evoke the “Cs” from Century and Capital and the “Ps” from Park and Partners. The design also hints at a link, as well as two hands coming together, which signifies a spirit of partnership.