The Mochi Ice
Cream Company

“Mochi ice cream is an emerging and growing specialty food category, and with its innovative and high-quality products, The Mochi Ice Cream Company is the category leader. This is a truly rare and exciting opportunity to grow both the category and The Mochi Ice Cream Company business by bringing this ethnic-influenced and on-trend product more fully into the general market via strategic selling, strong consumer marketing and product innovation.”

Russell Barnett

Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer


The Mochi Ice Cream Company is a 106-year old producer of specialty frozen desserts. The Mochi Ice Cream Company is credited as being the creator of mochi ice cream, a handheld and portion-controlled ball of premium ice cream enrobed in a soft and chewy rice cake. The Mochi Ice Cream Company is the domestic market’s largest producer of this Japanese specialty frozen dessert. The products are distributed through both regional and national grocery chains and independent stores. They are also distributed in Japanese and general food service locations under the brand names Mikawaya and MyMo.


Headquarters – Los Angeles, California

Industry – Consumer Products

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