Dominion Care

“Dominion Care has done a tremendous job building out a variety of vital services for its clients and consumers throughout Virginia. Partnering with Century Park will allow the introduction of additional resources, infrastructure, and expertise to help the company grow and expand the scope and impact of what they do throughout the mid-Atlantic area.”

Dr. Peter Zucker

Executive Council Member


Dominion Youth Services (“Dominion Care” or “Dominion”) is a leading provider of behavioral and mental health services primarily to the youth and adolescent market in Virginia. The Company provides a comprehensive array of professional services to Virginia’s children and young adults dealing with behavioral health, educational, and mental health challenges, as well as those with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities. Services include school, clinic and home-based counseling for those at risk or suffering from mental illness, psychiatric consultation, life skills training, mentoring, services for individuals with autism, programs for those with intellectual disabilities, educational services including private day schools, and independent living services for young adults.


Headquarters – Richmond, VA

Industry – Healthcare

Website –